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Walrus Audio Deep Six V3

Walrus Audio Deep Six V3

90.000 Ft

4-8 napon belül átvehető

Technikai paraméterek



Studio-grade Compressor in stomp box form
Inspired by Universal Audio 1176
Controls: Level, Tone, Sustain, Blend, Attack
Blend mixes compressed signal with original dry signal (left = dry; right = 100% compressed)
Blend ensures usability with high-output signals (active pickups /humbuckers)
Tone knob (bass cut) to shape low-end of guitar signal
Level for setting unity volume or usage as boost
Set Sustain for compensating rhythm-playing (left) or powerful and warm lead sounds (right)
Attack adjusts how fast Compressor reacts (left = slow; right = fast)
18V internal voltage for maximum amount of headroom
Soft switch bypassing for smooth and reliable operation
SMD Technology ensures robust design and product longevity
Top mounted jacks
Power via 9V DC
Built-in polarity correction circuit
Power requirements: 9VDC, 8.9mA
True-Bypass Design

Walrus Audio Deep Six V3

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