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    Collision Devices TARS
    Collision Devices TARS

    Collision Devices TARS

    160.000 Ft

    Azonnal átvehető

    Technikai paraméterek

    TARS Black on White
    The TARS is a concept pedal combining the guitar and synth worlds this time not throwing you into a black hole ! It rockets through the Ergosphere and Horizon to disintegrate directly in its center, the Singularity.
    Derived from the flagship Black Hole Symmetry, the TARS is inspired by its Singularity fuzz section and adds a gain setting allowing it to go from grainy low-gain sounds to round and powerful fuzz/distortion tones.
    It also offers a filter inspired by the legendary Korg MS-20 in order to create fuzzy-noisy textures and cut through the mix. The filter is controlled via 2 faders for a unique tweaking experience by hand as well as with the expression input to sweep through the frequency range of your vertiginous dive into the Singularity!
    - Gain: Fuzz level.
    - Master: Master volume.
    - CutOff: Cutoff frequency of the MS-20 style low-pass filter, from 15Hz to 44kHz.
    - Res(onance): Intensity of signal at cutoff frequency.
    - LPF VOL: VCA - Filter volume.
    - 2P/4P switch: Attenuation curve - 2P at -12dB/octave or 4P at -24dB/octave.
    - Add Fuzz switch: Add an extra unfiltered fuzz signal.
    - Serial switch: Puts the fuzz through the filter or use both effects in parallel.
    - EXP/CV input: For controlling the CutOff fader externally.
    Controls: Gain, master, cutoff, res, lpf vol, switch 2p / 4p, switch add fuzz, switch s / p.
    Collision Devices TARS

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