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    Peterson Strobostomp HD

    Peterson Strobostomp HD

    66.000 Ft

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    For over 70 years Peterson Strobe Tuners has been the gold standard that all other tuners are measured by. The unparalleled accuracy, once only found in their mechanical strobe tuning product line, was developed into highly portable, LCD-emulations that offered equal tuning performance and came to be known as the Virtual Series® in the early 2000s. The StroboStomp HD™ is the latest Virtual Series pedal tuner offering, designed for players of all walks and skill levels in mind. 
    • True Strobe 0.1 Cent Accuracy
    • Large HD Colour Display - save your favourite tuning to unique colours
    • Buffered or Silent Pop-Free True Bypass
    • Over 100 Sweetened Tunings built in with USB connectivity for custom tuning
    • Pedalboard friendly size and weight
    See your tuning in a different light
    Featuring the largest tuning display Peterson Tuners has ever incorporated into one of their pedal tuners, the StroboStomp HD boasts a high-definition, LCD screen that incorporates a variable colour LED backlight. 
    The user-selectable colours can be used to personalise the tuner or to increase display viewing quality in different levels of ambient lighting, depending on the usage environment. The vibrant screen colours can also be assigned to stock or user presets to significantly reduce menu navigation time and increase on-stage tuning confidence at the gig. 
    Bypass, just as you want it
    For tone purists, the StroboStomp HD provides a 100% silent, true-bypass operation mode to keep precious tone safe, as well as eliminating the often annoying “pop” that can be experienced when engaging such a feature in other competing products. It uses a unique series of timed relays incorporated within the pedal’s circuitry to shunt the signal, draining the cause of the popping sound prior to breaking the connection, effectively shutting the tuner down for direct play through, all without affecting the quality of your tone. 
    The StroboStomp HD also includes a long-time user-requested buffered output operation mode that can be user engaged. The buffered mode can be used in or out of monitor mode. It is designed to boost instrument drive to overcome potential tone loss in signal chains that incorporate multiple low-impedance guitar pedals or utilize long cable runs. The high-quality buffered output modes preserve sonic quality all through the instrument range and keeps your prized core tone intact. 
    Sweetened Tunings™
    Featuring over 100 exclusive Sweetened Tunings™, the StroboStomp HD also contains numbered guided tuning presets for a large variety of instruments and playing styles. Sweetened Tunings™ are exclusive to Peterson tuning products and are designed to help correct inherent tuning issues exhibited by many instruments. 
    A Sweetener preset is a set of cent offsets or a deviation from generic Equal Temperament interval spacing traditionally used in tuning, in other words, several presets with differing interval spacing relevant to the instrument being tuned. If you’ve never been happy with how your instrument tunes up with your present tuner, a Sweetener could be just the thing to change that without any modifications whatsoever. This offers unique and very accurate “tweaks” which often make all the difference and also brings life to recordings like stacked guitars etc. Try it - once you’ve done this, you’ll never go back to regular tuning. It just sounds better! 
    Alternate tunings made easy
    The new “Guided Tunings” mode allows the StroboStomp HD to display numeric string values instead of traditional note names making for sure-fire intuitive and rapid re-tuning to any number of open and alternative tunings. The Guided Tuning mode was introduced for beginners who want to experiment with popular alternate tunings, however it is also useful for experienced players who employ multiple tunings in rapid succession. Numerically expressed scales are also included. 
    Fits almost any pedalboard
    The reduced footprint of the StroboStomp HD over previous models regains valuable pedalboard real estate, but maximises the display size in order to deliver superb tuning resolution to the user. Physically isolated metal jacks offer high-quality, positive connectivity even under the most demanding conditions. The lightweight but sturdy aluminium chassis doesn’t add unnecessary weight to your rig, but still provides excellent road durability. 
    Simple, but expandable
    Despite a plethora of features on-board, for basic tuning the StroboStomp HD can be immediately used right out-of-the-box without hindrance to tune any type of instrument, with razor-sharp tuning accuracy. Users who wish to delve a little deeper can optimise the pedal functions for their performance within the Settings menu quickly and easily. 
    For users who desire the maximum level of customisation, the StroboStomp HD is Peterson Connect® compatible. Peterson Connect is a proprietary configuration utility located on the Peterson Tuners website where users can connect via USB to update to the latest firmware or create custom tuning configurations. A User Trading post is also available where users can create and trade tunings on a global scale for the ultimate in musical discovery. 
    o Silent Pop-Free True Bypass
    o Buffered Output
    o Buffered Monitor Mode
    • True Strobe 0.1 Cent accuracy
    • Easily visible in direct sunlight or stage lighting
    • Over 100 Sweetened Tunings
    • Guided Tunings to String Numbers
    • Open and Alternate tuning presets on-board
    • Complete Set of Drop tuning presets
    • Supports 6, 7, 8 and 9-String Guitars
    • Supports 4, 5 and 6-String Basses
    • Supports 8, 10 and 12 String Steel Guitars
    • Simple configuration from your pedal or at the exclusive Peterson Connect website
    • Firmware updatable
    • Full Colour Display - save your favourite tuning to unique colours
    • Auto-orders presets to your most common used settings
    • Automatic Drop/Capo settings
    • Tune down to C0!  Great for any Bass instrument
    • Concert A-range - 391 Hz to 490 Hz
    • 9 Volt battery (Opt. PP3) or 9 V PSU (Opt.) with DC Pass Through
    (9V DC, centre -, 2.1mm, ~85mA current draw)
    Peterson Strobostomp HD

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