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Z. Vex Fuzz Factory 7 USA Vexter

Z. Vex Fuzz Factory 7 USA Vexter

152.000 Ft

5-10 hónapon belül átvehető

Technikai paraméterek


The Fuzz Factory 7 USA Vexter features UV printed art and hand-painted NOS 1960s GT308 germanium transistors. The parts inside are identical to the hand painted model.
The next edition of our Fuzz Factory 7, using two NOS 1960s GT308 germanium transistors.

Germanium transistors. What makes them so special? It’s because they turn on faster. Sooner. They get turned on way quicker than any other transistors. Yeah, I got a favorite transistor, the shiny fragile amazing mosfet. But the germanium, bipolar and somewhat easily startled and delicate, that loves getting turned on, is my most memorable transistor. Enjoy. She’s waiting for you, respectable and wonderful, the happiest of all semiconductors, the most delicate and perfect. Rock on.

Where the Fat Fuzz Factory has a 3 position toggle, The FF7 has a nine position rotary switch and covers enormous sonic territory, from earthshaking low frequencies to “dog whistle” (figuratively) high frequencies. The Fuzz Factory 7 also has a passive tone control (with its own switch) to roll off high end if need be.

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