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    Supro Royale 1932R
    Supro Royale 1932R
    Supro Royale 1932R
    Supro Royale 1932R

    Supro Royale 1932R

    546.000 Ft

    4-8 napon belül átvehető

    Technikai paraméterek

    50 watt / Reverb/ 1 x 12″


    Max. teljesítmény: 50 W Class A vagy Class A/B
    Gombok: Vol, Boost, Treble, Mid, Bass  Level, Dwell, Master potméter
    Csövek: 3db 12AX7 előfokcső, 1db 12AT7, 1db 12DW7,  2db 5881 végfokcső
    Hangszóró: 1 db Supro BD12 12” hangszóró (8 Ω)
    Switches: Boost, Loop, Reverb


    Szélesség: 52 cm
    Magasság: 48 cm
    Mélység: 22 cm
    Súly: 23 kg

    The Royale was designed to deliver loud and vivid clean tone with a remarkably responsive, tactile low end. A high-headroom, 50W tube amplifier with a powerful EQ, footswitchable boost, tube-buffered effects loop and glorious tube-driven spring reverb, the Royale captures all of the nuances in your playing, both on stage and in studio. The 5881-loaded power amp in the Royale offers a choice of Class A (35W) or Class AB (50W) operation, as well as a master volume to control sound pressure level. Class A mode delivers the traditional, cathode-biased Supro sound with a bold, spongy midrange. Class AB delivers a grid-biased California sound with more scooped mid-range, tighter bass and faster transient response. Housed in poplar cabinetry with vintage-inspired Black Scandia tolex and a hemp grille cloth, the Royale is Supro's most dynamically responsive, feature-packed, high-headroom amplifier to date. Features the custom Supro BD12 speaker.

    Supro Royale 1932R

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