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    Kingtone Vibe 1968

    Kingtone Vibe 1968

    218.000 Ft

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    Classic, No Compromise, Vibe Tones In a Pedalboard Friendly Size with Features Never Before Seen

    The Vibe-1968 is a game changer. It takes the classic Vibes of the 60s and builds on their features, richness, and usability. Not content with building another clone,  Kingtone have created the Vibe-1968. It took four years of research and development and offers a unique set of features never seen before in a pedal of this type. Vibe-1968 creates the classic and much loved swirling, chewy, phase, chorus and rotating speaker type tones, but adds a host of enhancements. Improvements include a fuller, deeper tonal range, unity or boosted output, two channels, a pedalboard friendly size, and much more. The two channels can be set completely independently and when switching speeds, the rate and depth will gently ramp between settings, this gives a natural, almost rotary speaker effect. Side A can be set to a fast Leslie type vibrato tone, whereas side B can be dialed in to give a deep, swirling, vibe, chorus setting. You can then switch between them, the speed gently transitioning from one setting to the next. You have a complete set of controls for each channel, this is like two Vibes in one pedal. Insane!

    • No Compromise Analog Vibe Tones
    • Classic Photocell and Spec Bulb Design
    • Dual Vibe Pedal, 2 Independent Channels
    • Smooth Speed and Depth Ramp Between Settings
    • Rate, Depth, Vibrato/Chorus Settings for Each Channel
    • Extended Depth Control Goes From Chewy Vibe Tones To Over Modulated Throb Tones.
    • Intensity Controls Go From Light Chewy Chorus or Vibrato To Classic Heavy Throb
    • Pulsing Red/Cyan Indicator Lights Show Current Speed and Depth
    • Top Mounted  Neutrik Jack Sockets
    • 100% Analog Audio Signal Path
    • Internal Volume Control Lets You Set The Desired Output Volume From Unity to Boosted
    • Custom Matched Photocells For The Deepest, Most Musical Sounding Vibe Effect
    • We Have Managed To Fit 100% Classic, No Compromise Vibe Tones Into a Smaller Pedalboard Friendly Size.
    • Bulb, Bias, Ramp Speed, Overall Depth, High and Low Speed Can All Be Adjusted
    • Uses An Incandescent Bulb, No LEDs Inside!
    • Custom Sparkle Grey Finish
    • Laser Engraved Control Panel
    • Runs On Standard 18v DC (most pedalboard power supplies feature an 18v output)
    • Small Footprint 4.7″ x 3.8″   (120 mm x 96 mm )
    Kingtone Vibe 1968

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