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Origin Effects Halcyon Gold

Origin Effects Halcyon Gold

123.000 Ft

Azonnal átvehető

Technikai paraméterek

Klon-type overdrive

The Halcyon Gold Overdrive is a classic overdrive pedal based on the Klon® Centaur® and featuring our proprietary
Adaptive circuitry. This unique design allows it to adapt its voicing in response to pick attack and volume changes,
making it one of the most dynamic and interactive overdrives out there. We have gone to great lengths to recreate
the famous, mid-forward voicing and the exact characteristics of unobtainable vintage diodes, but also built in some
innovative features that go beyond the capabilities of the original.
The Halcyon Gold Overdrive’s party trick is its ADAPT switch. This allows the pedal’s mid-forward voicing to
gradually fade away as the pedal cleans up, giving you classic Klon® tone with your guitar cranked but revealing the
full spectrum of your clean tone as you roll back the volume knob.
The DRY control lets you adjust the level of the dry signal that makes up part of this classic drive tone. The DRY
control can be boosted to add body and definition when boosting a low-gain amp sound or turned down to get the
most out of this pedal’s higher gain tones, especially when using a clean amp. We have also made improvements
to this DRY path, changing the overload characteristics when stacking with other pedals, giving you access to even
more flavours of drive.

The VOICE switch gives you the ability to select either the classic Klon® mid hump or a smoother, more balanced
tone. The KLN setting is simply the standard voicing, while the MOD setting engages a broader mid hump and a
softer, more compressed clipping characteristic. The MOD setting is particularly well suited to single coil pickups,
and higher gain tones paired with very clean amp sounds.
Built in the UK to the highest standards, the Halcyon Gold Overdrive takes a modern classic and turns it into
something even more responsive and versatile. Full details will be available at at time of

Halcyon Gold Overdrive Key Features
• Adaptive circuitry responds to volume changes and playing dynamics
• Based on the iconic Klon® Centaur®
• DRY level control for extra tweakability
• Voice switch offers two flavours of mid push and drive
• Ultra-high input impedance
• High-quality buffered bypass
• Premium components throughout
• Designed and built in England

Origin Effects Halcyon Gold

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