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    Meris Ottobit Jr.

    Meris Ottobit Jr.

    137.000 Ft

    4-8 napon belül átvehető

    Technikai paraméterek

    The Meris Ottobit Jr. is arcade dreams reborn! It brings an era when silicon defined sonics that were burned in our memory for years back to live and directly to your pedalboard. Angelo of Meris was asked to design a filter to tame the harsher bitcrush settings. And damn, that filter sounds good… almost like an analog synth. There is an infinite amount of cool sounds you can get out of this pedal, so that’s what drove the decision to add MIDI and presets under the hood. To call it a bitcrusher would be an insult. The triggered stutter and pitch/filter/crush sequencers take you to side scrolling, coin collecting maze worlds. Add in a resonant low pass filter that competes with the best analog synths and would make grandpa SID proud. You want games? The Ottobit Jr. will give you games!

    - bit crusher/sample reduction/step sequencer effects pedal
    - pedal version of the Meris 500 Series Ottobit
    - 2 sequencer types (Pitch Seq/Filter Seq)
    - sample reduction from 48kHz to 48 Hz
    - bit depth reduction from 24 to 1 bit
    - up to 16 presets via MIDI
    - 24 bit AD/DA with 32 bit floating point DSP 
    - selectable bypass (true/relay bypass or buffered)
    - switchable headroom for guitar/line level input
    - tap tempo functionality
    - analog signal path
    - MIDI in/out/preset selection/external tap tempo available via the EXP jack
    - analog wet/dry mix
    - presets available via external 4-Preset switch or MIDI
    - controls for Sample Rate, Filter, Bits, Stutter, Sequencer, Sequencer Mult
    - Alt (Hold) control button for activating alternative knob functions
    - sequencer type control button for selecting between Pitch Seq/Filter Seq
    - Bypass footswitch
    - Tap footswitch
    - status LEDs
    - metal housing
    - 6.3 mm TRS input (switchable stereo/mono)
    - 2 x 6.3 mm mono (L/R )outputs
    - 6.3 mm TRS Exp/tap tempo/external footswitch/MIDI jack 
    - power supply via optional 9V DC adapter 2.1 mm x 5.5 mm barrel plug, polarity (-) center
    - battery operation not supported
    - current draw < 150 mA
    - dimensions (L x W x D) 115 mm x 107 mm x 67 mm
    - weight 410 g
    - made in USA
    Meris Ottobit Jr.

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