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Earthquaker Devices Black Ash Limited Edition

Earthquaker Devices Black Ash Limited Edition

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Limited to 1500 units worldwide, Black Ash is a fuzz/overdrive that takes some cues from the vintage “three-knob Bender.” It uses a highly curated cache of rare and irreplaceable components including paper-in-oil capacitors and NOS half-watt carbon composition resistors from EQD President Jamie Stillman’s personal stash to light a fire under this classic fuzz/drive with an explosive-yet-detailed treble response, a sturdy midrange, and subterranean bass extension.


Fuzz: Adjusts the amount of gain. Counterclockwise for less fuzz, clockwise for more fuzz.

Top: Adjusts high frequencies between 2kHz - 10kHz and controls how “forward” the guitar sits in the mix. Counterclockwise for less top, clockwise for more top.

Level: Sets the output volume. Counterclockwise is quiet, clockwise is loud.

Earthquaker Devices Black Ash Limited Edition


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