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Catalinbread CB Fuzz

Catalinbread CB Fuzz

65.000 Ft

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CB Series
Few things in life can compare to plugging in a guitar and playing your go-to riff on a gear setup that just works without having to twiddle hundreds of knobs every time. That's what the CB series has to offer: a line of stompboxes that have just one knob giving you that feeling of satisfaction each and every time you plug in. However, don't be fooled by the simplicity, each circuit was designed and internally set to the sweet spot so you only have to worry about the volume level. Each CB pedal is designed to work with a variety of amps of all costs and wattages, ensuring compatibility with whatever you're rocking. Like the rest of our pedals, each CB device is hand-built right here in our shop using the same high-quality through-hole parts as everything else.


From its humble beginnings as defective console tubes and punctured speaker cones, the CB Fuzz distills 60 years of gear history in one refined example. The CB Fuzz is a perfectly balanced silicon fuzz circuit. Most folks in the know keep the fuzz knob cranked and use their guitar's volume to tame the fuzz level at will, and we've taken the liberty of internally maxing that control for you, just turn on and rock!

Catalinbread CB Fuzz

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