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    Fryette 2502S Power Amp
    Fryette 2502S Power Amp

    Fryette 2502S Power Amp

    798.000 Ft

    4-8 napon belül átvehető

    Technikai paraméterek

    2 x 50W sztereó végfok

    The Fryette 2502S power amp is a stereo power amplifier with a magnificent sound, excellent dynamic range and road-tested reliability.

    The small but powerful Fryette Two/Fifty/Two Master-Built Stereo Power Amplifier is a two-channel 50-watt workhorse with a pair of premium, matched EL34 power amp tubes in each channel, delivering up to 30% more usable output power than comparable tube power amps.

    The custom-made, precision-wound output transformers are optimised for operation of the EL34 to produce a rich tonal palate, a rich sound and excellent dynamic range. Its well-ventilated chassis provides maximum airflow to the offset, horizontally mounted power amp tubes. The rack-mountable power amp's fan speed automatically changes from normal speed to high speed when Class A mode is activated to ensure reliable performance in demanding conditions.


    Voicing switches determine the frequency response of the power amplifier (guitar box or FRFR system) for each channel

    Mono-linked stereo inputs

    Independent input tube stages for maximum stereo separation between channels

    Presence and depth checks


    Class A/AB power mode


    Channel A: Volume, presence and bass controls, input and talk switch

    Channel B: controls for volume, presence and depth, switches for input level and intonation

    Channel A Class A/AB and standby switch

    Channel B class A/AB and standby switch

    Fuses for channel A and B

    Power switch


    AC input

    Mains fuse

    Cooling fan

    Parallel loudspeaker outputs

    Impedance selectors

    Channel inputs


    Tube guitar power amplifier with 2 x 50 Watt (62 Watt RMS/channel - Class AB and 50 Watt RMS/channel - Class A)

    Selectable for 4, 8 or 16 Ohm

    Two parallel output sockets per channel

    Preamplifier tubes: 2 x12AX7AC, 2 x12AU7AC

    Power amplifier tubes: 4 x Premium Matched Mullard EL34

    Dimensions (WxHxD): 43 cm/19" / 2HE

    Product weight: 33 lb. / 15 kg

    Fryette 2502S Power Amp

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