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    Walrus Slötvå

    Walrus Slötvå

    92.000 Ft

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    Technikai paraméterek


    • Multi Texture Reverb Pedal with presets
    • Combine 3 different Reverb-modes and 3 modulation-wave-shapes for the reverb trail
    • 3 selectable Reverb modes: Dark, Rise, Dream
    o Dark: Lower Octave Reverb
    o Rise: Ambient Swell Reverb
    o Dream: Latching Pad Reverb with Vibrato
    • 3 selectable modulation wave shapes on the reverb trail: Sine, Warp, Sink
    o Sine: even pitch up and down modulation
    o Warp: asymmetric pitch up modulation
    o Sink: Asymmetric pitch down modulation
    • Sustain switch ramps up Reverb trail to maximum
    • Create and save 3 presets
    • Controls: Decay, Filter, Mix, X, Reverb mode/modulation-shape selector, Depth (and Rate), Bypass,
    • Decay: length of Reverb
    • Filter: Sets high-pass filter for Reverb trail
    • X-knob: controls octave level (“Dark”), swell-in time (“Rise”) or vibrato (“Dream”)
    • Depth/Rate: Control intensity and speed of reverb-trail-modulation
    • Trails mode on/off
    • Power requirements: 9VDC, 100 mA
    • Power Supply not included
    • Daisy Chain Power Supplies are not recommended
    • True-Bypass Design
    • Made in the USA

    Walrus Slötvå