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Walrus Polychrome

Walrus Polychrome

90.000 Ft

Azonnal átvehető

Technikai paraméterek

analóg flanger

Like the Iguana that’s malleable to its environment, blending in to its surroundings for harmonious balance or standing out with vibrant confidence, the Polychrome Flanger is a uniquely colorful tool for adding modulated textures to songs.   The Polychrome Flanger is a true bypass, all analog

Analog Flanger
Controls: Rate, Depth, Sweep, Feedback, D-F-V, Shape Switch, Voice Switch
Select between 2 flange voices (traditional / complex & notched)
Select between 3 LFO shapes: sine, triangle or random
D-F-V (Dry-Flange-Vibrato) blends the dry and delayed signal
From full-dry to traditional-flange to full-pitch-vibrato
Rate knob sets LFO from super-slow 0.1 Hz to 8Hz
Rate LED to preview LFO speed
Depth knob determines width of filter sweep
Sweep knob shifts frequency range: from deeper flange- to tight, more traditional-tones
Feedback control to set subtle or more dramatic flanging effects
Smart momenary bypass switch
Top mounted Input & Output
True Bypass design
9-volt DC, Center Negative, 100mA minimum
Power Supply not included
Made in the USA

Walrus Polychrome


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