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Walrus Mako Series ACS1

Walrus Mako Series ACS1

157.000 Ft

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The Oklahoma City pedal manufacturer is pulling out all the stops with their first foray in the world of amp and cab simulation and is proud to announce the Mako Series ACS1™ Amplifier & Cab Simulator. The ACS1
is an amplifier and speaker cab simulator delivering the sound and feel of world-class amplifiers, complimentary speaker cabinets, and controllable room size. Maximize the stereo experience and use the ACS1 to run separate amp and cabinet combinations in the left and right channels. With the ACS1, players have expansive options to deliver their tone whether it’s on stage, in the studio, or practicing at home. Intuitive controls, stereo in and out, onboard presets, and MIDI support make the ACS1 an invaluable tool in a guitarists arsenal. 

The ACS1 models three vintage amp styles crucial to music industry history designated by their places of origin: Fullerton (Fender® Deluxe Reverb®), London (Vintage 60’s Marshall® Bluesbreaker®), and Dartford (1960’s VOX
® AC30). When running the ACS1 in stereo, one amp can be used through both channels. To sweeten the charm of playing in stereo, mix and match amps and cabinets on the left and right channels with the L + R switch. Simply choose the channel you want to modify, select your amp and cab model, and set your levels. Then flip over to the other channel and choose your amp and cab settings. If you would like to use the same settings on both channels, set the switch to the middle or “+” and dial in all your settings. They will be duplicated on the left and right outputs.
The ACS1 is packaged in a gold anodized aluminum enclosure with black and green ink.

The enclosure’s exact size is 4.9” x 2.52” x 2.64”. Power requirements are 9VDC (300mA minimum).

Walrus Mako Series ACS1

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