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    Origin Effects Revival Drive Compact

    Origin Effects Revival Drive Compact

    152.000 Ft

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    The RevivalDRIVE Compact takes the ground-breaking circuit design found in the original RevivalDRIVE and condenses it into a smaller, more pedalboard-friendly package. Housing a complete valve amp-style signal path recreated in all-analogue electronics, the RevivalDRIVE features a streamlined set of controls that make it easier than ever to dial in a wide range of stunningly realistic valve amp tones, while the powerful Post-Drive EQ lets you adjust the RevivalDRIVE Compact to suit your preferred amp and settings, not the other way around.

    • Complete valve amp-style signal path with dedicated class-A preamp, long-tailed pair phase inverter, and push-pull output stage.
    • Variable negative feedback to fine-tune breakup characteristics or boost presence.
    • Reactive overdrive design simulates interaction between amp and speaker for realistic feel and authentic sound.
    • Accurately recreates power supply sag for smooth natural compression.
    • Full control of tone, dynamic response and distortion characteristics.
    • Interactive Blend control backs off the gain as you add dry signal, for the most natural sound.
    • Tour grade, all metal construction.
    • Powerful tone-shaping Post-Drive EQ.
    • High-impedance buffered bypass with silent switching.
    • Designed and assembled by hand in England.
    Origin Effects Revival Drive Compact

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