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One Control Purple Plexifier

One Control Purple Plexifier

52.000 Ft

4-8 napon belül átvehető

Technikai paraméterek

Marshall Plexi amp-in-a-box pedál

The One Control Purple Plexifier was designed to reproduce the legendary distortion sound of old Plexi amplifiers from the 60s. The Purple Plexifier features a wide gain range and a dynamic response that is comparable to the best tube amplifiers. The tight bottom end and the bright (but not harsh) treble range will amaze you. The thick mid-range, which can be scooped or flattened with the mid-range trim potentiometer, will give you full, natural tone. Use this pedal to create a three dimensional distortion by itself or use it in conjunction with the amp's own distortion settings to create your own sound. The Purple Plexifier rewards the guitarist with a feeling that is rare and responsive, no matter what kind of pickups you use.

- distortion / amp-in-a-box effects pedal
- designed to reproduce the legendary distortion sound of old Plexi amplifiers from the 60s
- tight bottom end with bright, clear treble and a thick mid-range
- designed by Bjorn Juhl
- true bypass
- controls for Treble, Vol, Dist
- mid-range trim potentiometer on the side scoops or flattens the frequency response
- bypass footswitch
- status LED
- brushed aluminum housing
- 6.3 mm mono in / output jacks
- power supply via 9V battery or optional 6 - 18V DC adapter, 2.1 x 5.5 mm barrel plug, polarity (-) center (battery is not included in the delivery)
- current draw 4 mA
- dimensions (L x W x H) 100 x 47 x 48 mm / 3.93" x 1.85" x 1.89"
- weight ca. 160 g / 0.35 lbs


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