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Keeley Synth-1

Keeley Synth-1

80.000 Ft

Szállítás alatt, kérjük érdeklődj

Technikai paraméterek

fuzz és szintetizátor

The Synth-1 allows you to create fuzzed-out synth waves!  Use the Filter and Blend controls to mix your guitar with the fuzz from the synth.  Go from churning slow-gear reverse swells to sounding like a light saber.

The Keeley Synth-1 is a guitar-triggered, single-note wave generator.  You control the tone of the wave with the Filter Control.  The lead-in time or swell of the note is controlled with the Attack knob.  Then use the Blend control to remove the natural tone from your guitar as you slide through synth-sounding fuzz waves.  Use an expression pedal to control the Filter, and now you have Wah-Wah-like control of the Synth-1.

Synth Wave Generator – Create fuzzed-out, single note synth sounds
Reverse Attack – Volume Swell Effect – put your guitar in slow gear!
Chaos Switch – change dimensional triggering and octaves and stuff
Filter – shape the EQ and tone of your fuzz wave
Wave Selector – change wave modes on the fly with your foot!
Control the Blend of your natural guitar and the wave generator
Side Mount Expression Jack for TRS control of the Filter
Top Mounted Jacks, True-Bypass

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