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      JHS PG-14

      96.600 Ft
      93.300 Ft

      Azonnal átvehető

      Technikai paraméterek

      Paul Gilbert signiture overdrive

      JHS Pedals is proud to release the Paul Gilbert signature distortion "PG-14!” This is a new and unique distortion pedal specifically designed to Paul's specifications. At the heart of the circuit is a FET based distortion engine that emulates the touch, feel, and the response of a pushed tube amplifier.

      This circuitry allows the player to have the dynamics and tone of loud stadium level amplifier at low/moderate volume levels.


      A second unique and essential feature of the design is that an active mid-frequency preamp is located at the front of the FET distortion circuitry.  This design feature gives the user a vast sweep of tonal possibilities with any amp or guitar combination.

      The PG-14 is an end-all pedal for adding the ultimate dirt channel to your amplifier. A bonus feature is that it gives you all of Paul Gilbert's talent, decades of experience, and countless years of practice!  Just hit the footswitch!

      JHS PG-14

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