Fulltone Queen Bee

Fulltone Queen Bee

108.000 Ft


Technikai paraméterek


Sparkle Gold 3 x Germanium Fuzz

The Custom Shop Queen Bee is powered by 3 NOS Military “Flying Saucer” germanium transistors in an original design that behaves in an amp-like manner, responding dynamically to the input from your hands and guitar. Great clean-up by lowering the guitar’s volume knob, sweet mids, clarity, sustain, harmonics... It’s all there!

The first 2 transistors are configured to achieve maximum gain in order to hit transistor #3 extremely hard, creating more sustain and distortion than is possible with 2-transistor Fuzzes while making the pedal rather low-noise for such a high-gained design. The Queen Bee also has a lot of midrange! Fender amp owners will appreciate the Passive Hi-Cut Treble control for taming the treble, and further sonic sculpting via the Bass switch (placed before transistor #3) tailoring the low frequencies and keeping the bottom-end tight. This pedal has a wildly asymmetrical waveform high in second-order Harmonics, culminating in a sweet, rich, commanding voice with tons of sustain. Inside the pedal is a trimmer for adjusting the bias of transistor #3 by a range between 2 and 6 volts DC. A slight turn results in a drastic change in sound, in volume, and in compression characteristics. Suddenly firm becomes soft, bright becomes warm, grainy becomes smooth.

The Queen Bee has True-Bypass switching via the Fulltone 3PDT footswitch for maximum signal integrity while the pedal is bypassed. Because the Bee utilizes Germanium transistors it should only be powered with a battery or a “Center Positive,” well-regulated power supply. Fulltone Queen Bees are 100% Hand-Built in the USA.

• 3 Germanium transistors Fuzz pedal.
• Lots of sustain, distortion and midrange.
• Passive Hi-Cut Treble control.
• 3-position Bass switch.
• Internal Bias trimmer for transistor #3.
• True Bypass via Fulltone's 3PDT footswitch.
• 100% hand-built in USA.

Fulltone Queen Bee

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