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Fulltone Custom Shop Ranger

Fulltone Custom Shop Ranger

103.000 Ft


Technikai paraméterek

treble booster

The greatest Rangemaster treble booster clone ever?

Here's why I think it could be:

  • Proprietary Power supply design allows this PNP (Positive to ground) Germanium pedal to be powered by any standard NPN (Negative to Ground) power supply!
  • 6-position rotary switch, 6 different sounds, including Rangemaster 1 and Rangemaster 2
  • Sexy amber light jewel.
  • Top-mounted jacks & DC port
  • Adjustable Transistor Bias trimmer. Want it soft? Want is hard? Want more or less chime? Just turn it and adjust by ear, there is no wrong setting.
  • It's a TINY pedal (4.75" x 2.9") yet there's a battery in it too...grab'n'go.
  • 100% Hand-Made in Los Angeles using full-size components.
Fulltone Custom Shop Ranger

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