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Fortin Zuul+

Fortin Zuul+

107.000 Ft

4-8 napon belül átvehető

Technikai paraméterek


The ZUUL Noise Gate has become the standard in noise gates for today’s modern musician. Never satisfied to rest on our laurels, we are proud to bring you the ZUUL +! ZUUL + incorporates everything the Standard ZUUL is known for, with several new added features! In addition to the key input, ZUUL + now incorporates a Key Thru jack with ground lift switch, eliminating the need to split the signal for the Key using an external pedal and to tackle ground loops. In addition to the Threshold control, ZUUL + now also includes Hold and Release controls, allowing you to further tailor the gate to your perfect gating action. Use in front of an amplifier or in a series effects loop in 2CM, 3CM or 4CM. Dual colour LED for visual feedback gating action: Green = Open, Red = Closed, Off = Bypass. The KEY input is a buffered input that accepts signal from your instrument (or other signal source) which lets you go from clean to high gain without changing the Threshold knob. This powerful feature lets you control the gate with a different signal than what flows through the input/ output jacks of the ZUUL.


Dynamic Range: 120dB
THD: 0.025%
Power: Internal battery (not included): 9VDC/40mA (NOTE: Power hungry pedal, recommend using external power)
Adapter (not included): 9VDC, Center Pin Negative (Fully Regulated)
Pedal Dimensions (W/D/H): 4.40 in x 2.38 in x 1.06 in (112 mm x 60 mm x 27 mm)
Shipping Weight: 360g

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