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Catalinbread Tremolo 8

Catalinbread Tremolo 8

101.000 Ft

4-8 napon belül átvehető

Technikai paraméterek


This project started as a digitized model of the Fender Showman's "harmonic vibrato" just for fun, experimenting with more LFOs and more tremolo styles. Catalinbread really like the sound of tremolo splashing against a reverb like Magnatones or Vibro Champs, as with their Topanga Burnside, but went even further adding some trem-specific reverb algorithms and a subtle tone control. Then Catalinbread discovered that not all LFOs are equal and decided to take advantage of their specificities. In a completely different program, trem modulation with chorus floating on top sounded too good to leave out. Also, when working on the Many Worlds, Catalinbread had fun with the envelope-controlled phase angle and decided to craft an envelope-controlled trem rate with adjustable sensitivity and attack/decay, leading to head-spinning effects when letting chords ring out or when cranking some touch-sensitive solos.

The Tremolo8 runs from 9V up to 18V for a bit more output, a dry signal boost and increased headroom.

Catalinbread Tremolo 8

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