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    Alexander Pedals Wavelength

    Alexander Pedals Wavelength

    98.000 Ft

    4-8 napon belül átvehető

    Technikai paraméterek

    multi modulációs pedál

    We crafted the Wavelength to handle a big range of modulation sounds and textures.  It can take you from a throbbing square-wave tremolo to a slow ramping filter, then over to a rich doubled chorus and into a wicked flange - just by holding one footswitch!  Its sounds are deep and rich, but its user interface is simple:  just turn the knobs and let it rip.

    The Wavelength features six distinct modulation engines, each with its own features and controls.  Tap the center button to advance to the next modulation sound.


    TRM  Tremolo - this effect cycles your volume up and down for a cool rhythmic texture.  Twist the Tweak control to morph between standard tremolo and harmonic vibrato.  Don't forget you can use the Level control to bump up your volume and make up for any drop you might get from the effect!

    CHO Chorus - smooth and clear chorus tones live here.  Use the Tweak control to adjust the overall delay time of the effect.  Low settings yield flange-like tones and higher settings result in a double-tracking effect.

    PHA Phaser - eight-stage phase goodness, chewy and thick.  Crank the Tweak control to add regeneration, deepening the phase shift effect.

    FLG Flanger - ranges from subtle comb filtering to insane jet whoosh.  Use the Tweak control to adjust the feedback for a sharper flange.

    VIB Vibe - photocell and lamp style vibe effect.  The Tweak knob adjusts the balance and symmetry of the shift stages and the effect gets more pronounced as you increase the control.

    FLT Filter - resonant low-pass filter effect.  Tweak controls the resonance of the filter.  Be careful, this can self-oscillate at higher settings!  Sounds killer with the Random waveform, ship ahoy!

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