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Supro Galaxy Cabinet 1797

Supro Galaxy Cabinet 1797

195.000 Ft


Technikai paraméterek

1 x 12" kiegészítő láda

Eminence CV75 speaker

8 ohm mono



102.2 dB

The Supro 1797 1×12 Galaxy Extension cabinet is designed to serve as an ideal match for the channel-switching Galaxy head or combo amplifier. Dressed in black leatherette tolex and sized to fit perfectly underneath a head or combo, the 1×12 Galaxy Extension cabinet uses a partially open-back design that is directly based on the dimensions of Jimmy Page’s late-50’s modified Supro Coronado, which was used to record the Led Zeppelin I album. The Galaxy 1×12 extension cabinet comes loaded with a 75W, British-voiced, Eminence CV75 driver.