Supro Big Star 1688T

Supro Big Star 1688T

660.000 Ft


Technikai paraméterek

25 W / Tremolo / 2 x 12"
Made in USA


Max. teljesítmény: 25 W Class A
Csatorna: 2
Gombok: Vol1, Tone, Vol2, Tone, Speed, Depth potméter
Csövek: 4db 12AX7 előfokcső, 2db 6973 végfokcső
Hangszóró: 2 db Supro DT12 12” hangszóró (8 Ω)


Szélesség: 71 cm
Magasság: 46 cm
Mélység: 27 cm
Súly: 23 kg

The 1688T Big Star is the largest and most aggressive Supro 1964 Reissue amplifier. This all-tube luxury 2×12 combines the instantly recognizable tone of the Supro Class-A power amp with a pair of custom 12” drivers housed in a wide-body, vintage correct cabinet to create a larger-than-life guitar sound at a functional gigging volume.

The Supro Big Star reissue features two channels wired in parallel with automatic linking of both channels when only the first input is used. Like a vintage Supro, the bass EQ on the first channel of the Big Star is voiced approximately one octave below the second channel. Combining these two complimentary channels together yields a huge, wide-range sound that captures the complex midrange texture of the original top-of-the-line Supro amp. This easy-to-use and versatile input scheme also allows for two instruments to share the same amp and provides channel switching with a simple A/B box. The two parallel preamp channels sum together into the swampy output tube tremolo and power section.

This historic amplifier’s cathode biased, Class-A power section provides whisper-quiet, low-noise performance with exceptional touch dynamics and generous amounts of power tube saturation. The unique Supro power amp allows players to run this rig at full volume on stage or in the studio, while using their hands to control the texture of the sound. The 1688T Big Star provides a huge variety of classic tones ranging from warm jazz to dirty blues and high-gain rock simply by adjusting your guitar’s volume knob. This is a bona-fine Supro reissue, designed by Bruce Zinky & Thomas Elliot and hand-assembled in Long Island, USA. It will rock your world.