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Suhr Bella
Suhr Bella

Suhr Bella

840.000 Ft


Technikai paraméterek

Suhr Bella Tolex Combo - 840.000Ft
Suhr Bella Tolex Head - 788.000Ft
Suhr Bella Tolex Reverb Combo - 945.000Ft
Suhr Bella Tolex Reverb Head - 910.000Ft

Handwired - Made in USA


Max. teljesítmény: 22/44W 
Szabályzók: Boost Switch (2-Position), Bright Switch (3-Position), Volume, Treble, Bass, Presence, Reverb (reverb modell esetén)
Csövek: 3db 12AX7 és 1db 12AT7 előfokcső, 2db 6L6 végfokcső
Hangszóró: 1 db 12" Celestion® V-Type (60W)
Csöves meghajtású effekt loop


Szélesség: 61 cm
Magasság: 50 cm
Mélység: 25 cm
Súly: 23 kg


Bella is a portable, American voiced, hand-wired, all-tube amplifier, designed to be the ideal grab-n-go amplifier and the ultimate platform for your pedalboard. Bella’s simple and easy to use controls (including Boost and 3-position Bright switch) make it a snap to tailor the amp to your favorite boost, overdrive, fuzz and distortion pedals; while the effects loop is the ideal place for all of your chorus, flange, delay, and reverb pedals.

Bella is powered by a duet of 6L6GC power tubes that deliver either 22 or 44 Watts of Class A/B power and is available in a head or combo format, with or without reverb.PURE SIGNAL PATH

Hombre features a Normal and Bright channel with straightforward Volume and Tone controls. A simple, transparent signal path is something many players find alluring due to the purity of tone and superb dynamic range.

Our goal was to maintain the vintage characteristics while simultaneously making some improvements to the design. Painstaking attention was given to the component layout and signal path to reduce noise. Hombre is equipped with custom made transformers that are wound on paper bobbins and made in the USA.


The Bella can be selected to run at either 44 or 22 watts. Choose 44 watts when you need the boldest tone with the most clean headroom. Choose 22 watts when you want the amp to break up sooner and at lower volumes.VINTAGE CABINET DESIGN

Hombre is a lightweight 1×12 combo that is the perfect grab-and-go companion for both gigs and studio sessions. The cabinet is a vintage design made from box jointed pine and features a floating baffle. After many hours of listening and testing, we chose a 12″ Celestion® V-Type speaker to accompany Hombre.


Bella is equipped with a full-featured, all-tube series effects loop which performs equally well with pedals and line-level rack gear via the loop’s independent send and return controls. The effects loop was designed to be extremely clean and transparent, making it the ultimate effects platform.


Bella has been specially designed with your pedals in mind and it’s the ultimate, clean, pedal platform. It responds to virtually any pedal in a tone-full way and even the bright switch is friendly with most overdrives and distortions.


The standard Bella has a single button foot switch available for the selectable boost. The Bella Reverb has a two button foot switch available to remotely switch the boost and reverb circuit.


The optional reverb circuit was painstakingly designed to offer players the ultimate reverb experience without coloring or altering the sound of Bella or your instrument’s natural tone.


Suhr Bella Tolex Combo - 840.000Ft
Suhr Bella Tolex Head - 788.000Ft
Suhr Bella Tolex Reverb Combo - 945.000Ft
Suhr Bella Tolex Reverb Head - 910.000Ft

Suhr Bella

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