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Xotic RC Classic

Xotic RC Classic

77.000 Ft

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20 éves újrakiadás

20 years later, this little pedal still rocks the world by so many talented musicians.
In the early 2000s, during the dawn of boutique effects pedals, a legendary model slowly climbed its way up to become a staple in the industry.
Even after 20 years since its release, the charm of the "RC-Booster" has not faded.
Let's take a closer look at the development and evolution of this iconic pedal!

The “RC-Booster” with the cute Comic Sans font is the earliest version, with a 16mm pot installed and a gray epoxy substrate carefully potted with J-B Weld, which was only seen at this time. The exterior design was done by the designer, Mr. Sasaki himself, and when deciding on the color of the case, he chose “white” because it had a cleaner sound than the “AC-Booster” (yellow), which had an overdrive image. Although it is about 20 years old, it has a universal appeal that does not fade in looks or sound.

“I’ve tried various ‘RC-Boosters’ before, but this one with the engraved serial is the first time. Compared to the Scott model and later models, it has weaker highs and gain, and gives the impression of a pure clean booster. The biggest difference is that the pushing of the low range is suppressed, and the overall tone feels darker. As a result, it feels weaker in power, so that may be a factor in making it sound vintage. Although the early models have the low range suppressed, it is not to the extent of being a disadvantage, so I think it’s good to choose based on the player’s preference and style. There is no other mellowness when playing single notes, so depending on the person, they may feel that this period’s unit is the easiest to play.” – Daisuke Kokuda

Xotic RC Classic

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