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      Wren and Cuff Forest For The Trees

      Wren and Cuff Forest For The Trees

      143.000 Ft

      4-8 napon belül átvehető

      Technikai paraméterek


      Many (older) musicians remember fiddling with the tiny little DIP switches on one the most famous analog amp modelers of all time. There was something so satisfying in the simplicity of crafting unique tones through a series of binary choices. That feeling was the inspiration for the Wren and Cuff Forest For The Trees (BM20-Ultra). The pedal is a true Muff lover's dream: adjust the Muff-style circuit at 23 different points, switch between germanium or silicon transistors, bypass the tone section completely, and so much more. There are literally millions of possible unique settings at your fingertips: Muff sounds, overdrive sounds, boosts, and more. The Forest For The Trees offers a near endless palette of possibilities at your fingertips. 100% analog in all ways. This pedal is all about you and your unique sound!

      - overdrive / fuzz effects pedal
      - Muff-style circuit with millions of individual switching options
      - circuit can be adjusted at 23 different points
      - all analog circuit
      - wide range of possible sounds from classic Muff sounds to overdrive, distortion, boost and more
      - great on electric guitars and bass guitars
      - true hard-wire bypass
      - controls for Volume, Tone, Distortion
      - Transistor Select 1 toggle switch
      - Transistor Select 2 toggle switch
      - Tone Bypass toggle switch
      - 20x DIP switches
      - bypass footswitch
      - status LED
      - metal housing
      - 6.3 mm mono in / output jacks
      - power supply via optional 9V DC adapter, 2.1 mm x 5.5 mm barrel plug, polarity (-) center
      - battery operation not supported
      - current draw 6.5 mA
      - dimensions (L x W x H) 120 x 94 x 40 mm / 4.7" x 3.7" x 1.6"
      - weight 354 g / 0.78 lbs
      - made in the USA

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