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    Walrus Audio Fundamental Series Distortion

    Walrus Audio Fundamental Series Distortion

    46.000 Ft

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    For the Fundamental Series, we challenged ourselves to design a set of pedals with the tonal integrity that’s required to live on a professional’s pedalboard, but with simplified controls friendly enough for even the newest effect pedal users. Each Fundamental pedal has three faders for tweaking the sound and a three-way switch for changing pedal modes. The result is a line of pedals that will keep you covered from your first band practice all the way to a sold-out arena. Designed and assembled at Walrus Audio headquarters in OKC, OK.

    Fundamental Distortion

    The Fundamental Distortion is a three-mode distortion. It covers a wide range of sounds from dark and doom through sharp cutting leads.

    Gain – The Gain slider sets the amount of gain applied to your guitar signal passing through the distortion circuit.

    Tone – The Tone slider controls the signal's frequency response after distortion. Left of center cuts highs and right of center boosts highs.

    Volume – The Volume slider sets the overall output volume of the pedal.

    Slide Switch – The slide switch allows you to change between three distinct flavors of the pedal. Each position has different clipping modes or tone profiles.

    Dark - Asymmetric silicon clipping with an added high-frequency cut. Think dark and dynamic.
    Si - Classic silicon hard clipping diodes. Things get compressed and crunchy.
    LED - LED hard clipping diodes. A dynamic and crunchy sound.
    Note: The LED clipping mode will be louder due to the nature of the LEDs, so use your volume slider to compensate!

    Walrus Audio Fundamental Series Distortion

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