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      Source Audio Ultrawave Multiband Processor

      115.000 Ft
      107.500 Ft

      Azonnal átvehető

      Technikai paraméterek

      overdrive/distortion/fuzz + tremolo

      The Source Audio One Series Ultrawave Multiband Processor embarks on a pioneering journey into the advanced potential of overdrive and tremolo, exploring a brave new universe of sounds yet unheard. At the Ultrawave's core is a dynamic and multi-dimensional approach known as multiband processing. This process splits the frequency spectrum of a guitar, bass, or synthesizer into multiple, discrete frequency bands and equips each band with its own array of adjustable parameters. In the case of overdrive, the Ultrawave splits the incoming signal and provides separate drive and output level controls for each individual band. The result is a thick and rich distortion with loads of unique overtones and dynamic interplay. Split the signal into 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, or 10 frequency bands, and apply any of the band splitting options to an exciting collection of overdrive types, including Tube, Diode, Foldback (a method of distortion often heard in the world of synthesizers), Octave Up, Negative Flip Diode, and more. The Ultrawave also has an incredible companion collection of innovative sound processing blocks to take sound creation into vast new directions. These are found in the Neuro Desktop Editor (free editing software for Mac or Windows) or Neuro Mobile App (free for iOS and Android). All presets created in the Neuro editors can be loaded directly to the pedal, saved to a personal, cloud-based preset library, and published to the Neuro Community to be easily accessed by other Ultrawave owners. The dual channel compressor block includes studio level controls that can be placed before or after the drive circuits. The Multiband Tremolo block provides individual control of each band's tremolo depth, rate, and start time as well as its LFO wave shape. Changing the LFO wave shape and varying the tremolo start times of each frequency band creates fantastically propulsive sounds reminiscent of sequencer or arpeggiator effects. The LFO’s Ring Mod option creates waves of retro/futuristic industrialism. The Morph feature explores the marvelous potential of sound morphing, which allows musicians to smoothly transition from one supercharged tone to another with an external expression pedal, LFO, or envelope follower. The Ultrawave also has advanced stereo features that can send entirely different drive effects to each of the outputs for a wide stereo field, place the effect in two places in a signal chain, or generate mind-spinning, ping-pong tremolo effects. Plug in, turn up, and explore the wonders of multiband processing built on over a decade of refinement and experimentation.

      - multiband processor effects pedal for guitar
      - 37 different band splitting options
      - 44 different distortion / overdrive / fuzz types
      - dual channel compressor / expander with versatile control options
      - multiband tremolo with adjustable time options and selectable beat patterns
      - adjustable LFO module
      - sound morphing feature allows to change from one sound to another with an expression pedal, envelope follower or LFO
      - 8-band graphic equalizer
      - adjustable noise gate
      - universal bypass, analog buffered or relay-based true bypass selectable
      - controls for Drive, Level, Sustain (Bass), Treble (Mid)
      - assignable knobs offer a different set of knob assignments for every preset
      - preset toggle switch for 6 onboard presets
      - ALT control button activates secondary function of the pots
      - MIDI capable with up to 128 presets via MIDI Program Change (PC) messages and control options for many parameters with MIDI Continuous Controller (CC) messages or assignable LFO modulation speed with MIDI Clock
      - Neuro Desktop Editor and Neuro Mobile App provide access to deep editing possibilities for all paramters
      - bypass footswitch
      - status LED
      - brushed anodized aluminum housing
      - 6.3 mm mono left & right input and output jacks for multiple routing possibilities
      - 3.5 mm TRRS Control Input for expression control via Hot Hand 3 or expression pedal for external real-time control of assignable parameters
      - mini USB Port for PC connectivity (Windows and Mac Compatible)
      - power supply via included 9V DC adapter (SR SA 153), 2.1 x 5.5 mm barrel plug, polarity (-) center
      - battery operation not supported
      - current draw 150 mA
      - dimensions (L x B x H) 114 x 70 x 51 mm / 4.5" x 2.75" x 2"

      Source Audio Ultrawave Multiband Processor

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