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    One Control Blue 360

    One Control Blue 360

    53.000 Ft

    4-8 napon belül átvehető

    Technikai paraméterek

    Acoustic 360 bass amp-in-a-box

    While guitarists have often expressed a degree of disdain for solid state amplifiers ever since their inception, bassists have always been more open-minded about these transistorized beasts. And while there have been quite a few famous solid state bass amps over the years, none are as legendary and storied as the original Acoustic 360 preamp. The 360 was loud, but thanks to its innovative design, it also had a wonderful tone and a very musical sound. The One Control Blue 360 AIAB reproduces the sound of the legendary 360 preamp and can instantly give your modern, high tech amp the response of 70’s-era high-powered transistor amp. The Blue 360 pedal delivers a bass tone that fits in perfects with high-density, powerful band sounds - especially those with high volume, distorted guitar - making it a great option for classic rock, punk, etc. The switch on the side works as a pre-set master volume. All boost is set by the Volume control. At the -18 dB setting, cranking Volume to full will deliver a similar level to bypass mode, allowing you to set the pedal to create distortion tones when on, while keeping your signal at the same volume whether the pedal is on or off. At the 0dB setting, the output level will increase as you turn up the Volume.

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