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One Control Anodized Brown

One Control Anodized Brown

52.000 Ft

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The original Anodized Brown Distortion (ADB) pedal has been one of One Control's most popular distortion pedals for several good reasons: Great dynamic tones, amp-like response, and rugged anodized aluminum housing and construction for the rigors of the gig. The Anodized Brown is Björn Juhl's effort to make a distortion pedal with all the dynamics and touch sensitivity of the great, large tube amps at concert levels in a pedal that easily fits into your gigbag. For this revamped ADB 4K model (four knob), Björn Juhl took it back to the workbench to deliver the original distortion circuit with an enhanced ability to dial this pedal into a wider variety of amplifiers. The added EQ and complementary circuit modifications give more control to provide more of a 'mastered' sound if needed. The player can dial in more midrange emphasis or scoop these frequencies to create lower gain sounds with more authority and edge. Get your own 'brown sound' with the One Control Anodized Brown Sound 4K!

- distortion effects pedal
- can be used with any amp, guitar or other effect pedals
- high gain range and extemely dynamic response
- designed by Björn Juhl
- true bypass
- controls for Volume, Gain, Mid, Treble
- bypass footswitch
- status LED
- aluminum housing
- 6.3 mm mono in / output jacks
- power supply via 9V battery or optional 6 - 18V DC adapter, 2.1 x 5.5 mm barrel plug, polarity (-) center (battery is not included in the delivery)
- current draw 4 mA
- dimensions (L x W x H) 100 x 47 x 46 mm / 3.93" x 1.85" x 1.81"
- weight ca. 160 g / 0.35 lbs


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