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Neunaber WET V5

Neunaber WET V5

111.000 Ft

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Designed for compact flexibility, the Wet Reverb gives you the power to craft your reverb sound with three straightforward controls. You want a reverb that can be huge and endless, warm and organic, or simply add a subtle sparkle. The Wet Reverb v5 is an update to the fan-favorite reverb pedal. The new Wet Reverb has everything you loved about its predecessor, plus a little more.

• Simple 3-knob layout makes it easy to quickly dial in your perfect reverb sound.
• Two effects in 1 pedal lets you instantly choose the classic Wet reverb from the previous-version pedals or the new, magical W3T reverb from the Immerse Mk II and plug-in.
• Full Mix knob adjustment from 0% to 100% wet.
• Analog dry signal for low noise and zero latency.
• Small footprint with top jacks.
• Selectable trails allows you to choose whether the effect naturally trails or cuts off abruptly after the effect is bypassed.
• Mono input & output makes setup quick and simple.
• Powered from a standard 9V pedal power supply, the Wet Reverb draws less than 100 mA.
• Manufactured in Orange County, California.

Neunaber WET V5


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