Neunaber Expanse

Neunaber Expanse

118.000 Ft


Technikai paraméterek

programozató effekt pedál

What is Expanse? It's a reverb, an echo, a shimmer and a chorus. It's all of these and more! Expanse can be programmed as any effect in Expanse Software:

Reverb (Wet, hall, plate, spring, modulated)
Echo, with/without reverb
Chorus or Detune, with/without reverb
Phasing, Phased Doubling


Stereo or mono input and output
Three controls, function depending on effect
Access to 4 programmable effects with 2 presets each via the ExP Controller (sold separately)
Mix knob goes to 100% effect
Selectable true bypass (no trails) or buffered bypass (with trails)
Selectable footswitch behavior, independent of effect (see User Guide)
Very high input impedance: no "tone suck"
Analog dry signal for low noise and zero latency
Small footprint
Requires standard 9V or 12V pedal power supply (not included)
Made in Orange County, California USA

Neunaber Expanse

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