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    Kingtone Octaland 2022
    Kingtone Octaland 2022

    Kingtone Octaland 2022

    135.000 Ft

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    The Octaland is a high octave tone monster that gives you the ability to go from almost clean octave tones, to screaming, sustaining octave lead tones and everything in between.

    New Features Include:
    Voice Control. Vintage/Glass/Fat Switch. Mix Control. Internal High/Low Drive, Six Position Side Tone Adjustment Switch, Sag Control. Customizable RGB LED.

    This pedal produces the classic ‘Octavia’ tones heard by Hendrix and Vaughan but this pedal is not a clone, it has been designed from the ground up to produce the most playable and fat/pure high octave tones.
    At low gain settings its comes as close as possible to a clean high octave tone and at high drive settings it will retain the octave, unlike most other models that loose the octave tone at high gain. The pedal has a super playable and addictive tone. It sounds great for subtle funky lead or massive deep and full on riffs. It you are looking for the “Band Of Gypsies Tone”,  look no further!


    Same Circuit and Tone as the Full Size Octaland but in a Pedalboard Friendly Size.
    Beautiful Clear and Extremely Playable High Octave Tone
    Top Mounted Jacks
    Carefully Selected And Matched Components
    Tone Control
    Mix Control to Mix Between Clean and Octave Sounds
    True Bypass
    Vintage / FullFat / Glass
    Internal Switches for Extra Low-end, Bright or Dark Clean Mix
    Internal Bias Control Allows the Adjustment of the Shape of The High Octave
    Almost Clean Octave Tone At Low Gain Settings
    Retains The Octave Tone Even At High Gain settings
    Runs on Battery or Standard 9 Volt DC Jack
    High Quality Metal Casing
    Easy To See White Light

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