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Keeley VerbOTrem Workstation

Keeley VerbOTrem Workstation

133.000 Ft


Technikai paraméterek

Reverb és Tremolo

The Keeley VoT reverb and tremolo combo gives players a simple and beautiful sounding way to end their pedal boards.  Reverb and Tremolo often sound best at the end of your guitar rig, after effects like compression, fuzz or overdrive.  The Keeley VoT Workstation gives you famous Keeley spring and plate reverbs as well as modulated tube amp tremolos.  This immaculate pairing provides you with everything you need for a small, compact pedal board.

When you go minimalist, you still consider Reverb and Tremolo.  Even the guys that just plug their guitar cord into an amp…still admit they love ‘verb and trem!

So if you’re doing a small gig with a compact board or you just want the captivating power of tremolo and reverb at the same time, the Keeley VoT Workstation is a simple and beautiful sounding solution.

The Keeley VoT Workstation is a high-end Dual DSP effect workstation.  Each effect, reverb and tremolo are given their own effects engine.  This allows us to create rich and ornate filtering.  These are studio quality sounds we have crafted over the years, refined by working musicians and studio engineers.

Keeley knows and develops reverb spaces.  Fat, juicy, sonically rich spaces. Keeley 2 Spring Reverb is the real deal.  It’s so good sounding, they install it in The Amp now.  In fact Keeley reverb has been developed in many other brand’s pedals.

There are 8 petals to this flower: 2 Spring, 3 Spring, Plate, Hall, Chamber, Room, Fugue, and Slapback!

Each Keeley VoT Workstation reverb allows you to control:

Level – Output Volume Level for the reverb channel

Decay – this is the length of the reverb trails, the size of the ambient space. External Expression Control port on rear of unit.

Morph – Pre-Delay – The earliest reflections, sometimes heard as a slapback.  This is great for setting up a reverb space that sounds huge, or you can dial it in so that it plays well with fast, percussive notes.

Effect Level – This is your Blend Control.  How loud you want the reverb in your guitar mix


A Lotus Flower of Tremolos.
I don’t know what that means, but it sounded good.  You have eight blooming tremolos in the Keeley VoT Workstation!

8 Vintage Tremolo modes: Sine Wave, Square Wave, Harmonic, Dynamic Harmonic, Pitch Vibrato, Ramp Trem, Les’Rotary Speaker, U-Vibe

Level – Output Volume Level for the tremolo-modulation channel

Rate – Speed of modulation, with on-board Tap Tempo, external tap input jack.

Depth – amount of volume change in effect. THROB.

Morph – Controls a variety of aspects including filter points, wave shape, duty cycle, tweeter/woofer control, etc.  Instruction manual lists exact details.

VoT – Lotus
The VoT Workstation Tremolo allows you to have on-board Tap Tempo or you can use an external tap switch or generator.  Expression pedal control gives you foot controlled access to the Reverb Decay control.  This allows you blend the perfect amount of reverb into your guitar mix.


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