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      Keeley Aria

      Keeley Aria

      96.000 Ft

      4-8 napon belül átvehető

      Technikai paraméterek

      kompresszor és overdrive

      The Aria Compressor Drive not only offers out most flexible overdrive to date, it has all the tone and blend features of the Compressor Plus. Players also have the ability to swap the order of the compressor and drive for two very useful drive experiences.

      Two-Mode Overdrive:  Soft clipping and a transparent boost to midrange frequencies, perfect for defining your own voice.
      Dual Mode – Clean and Transparent or Heavy Saturation!
      Clean and Bold in Low Mode – Focused and Sustaining in High Mode.
      Compressor with Clean Blend and Tone Control – Blend in any amount of clean signal for punchy chord work and use the Tone Control to brighten the highs.
      Plus Features: Tone and Blend – Perfect for Humbuckers and Single Coils!
      Blend for Manhattan style compressor and Tone for treble boosting.

      Design for Pro Boards, Effects Order Switching, and Effect Insert
      Pedal Switcher Ready!  Simply connect to and pedal switcher with TRS cables and control each side of the Aria independetly
      Switch the Order of the Compressor and Drive for instant change to feel and response of your combo
      Use TRS insert cables to place effects between the Compressor and Drive like phasers, wahs, or other dirt boxes!

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