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JHS Ruby Red

JHS Ruby Red

107.000 Ft

4-8 napon belül átvehető

Technikai paraméterek


Butch Walker is a renowned solo artist and producer who has worked with artists such as Weezer, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Ryan Adams, and many more. When we heard that he had been using the SuperBolt on countless sessions we jumped at the opportunity to work with him. Butch loved the way the SuperBolt responded to his amp and wanted to add a boost in front of it to get a wider array of tones from the classic sound of the SuperBolt to saggy compressed distortion with the boost cranked into the SuperBolt. Thus the Ruby Red was born. Let’s look and see what makes the Ruby Red a diamond in the rough!

The controls are Volume, Tone, Drive, and Boost, with a + toggle and an order toggle. The Volume, Tone, and Drive are on the left side, the SuperBolt vintage Supro-style overdrive. The Volume has a ton of power and gives you lots of headroom to boost your amp into natural breakup when the Drive is set low. The Tone gives you a natural tonal spectrum that is usable across the full sweep. The Drive knob works like a volume knob on one of the vintage Supro amps where as you turn it up the natural breakup increases, from light grit to a saggy distortion. The + toggle works as a Lo/Hi mode, just like you’ll find a Lo and Hi input on many amplifiers. The up position is the Lo mode, while down is Hi. The Boost knob controls the right side of the pedal which is a simple clean boost. This can be used independently or stacked with the SuperBolt. On its own, the Boost will give you a fantastic clean volume boost or break up your amp when cranked. Beneath the Boost knob, there is an order toggle to select the order of effects. Whichever way the toggle is pointed, that effect will be first in the signal chain. When the Boost is engaged and placed before the SuperBolt it will saturate the SuperBolt more, sending it into a spitty gated distortion. When placed after the SuperBolt, it will make the same tone of the SuperBolt louder, which is great for solos.

- Vintage Supro-style overdrive and clean boost for a massive range of tones.
- Both effects can be used independently.
- Stack both effects how you want with the order toggle.
- Will make your tone sparkle.

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