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J. Rockett Rockaway Archer

J. Rockett Rockaway Archer

103.000 Ft


Technikai paraméterek

Steve Stevens overdrive pedálja 6-sávos EQ-val kiegészítve

Steve Stevens igényei alapján készült overdrive és hatsávos EQ. Frekvenciatartományonként 18dB-es kiemelést vagy jelcsökkentést tudunk beállítani. 

The settings include Up to 18dB of cut or boost at 6 different frequencies. Each frequency is increased by pushing its corresponding slider up on the pedal or decreased by pushing them down. This also adds or decreases volume. It is a great way to hit the front end of an amp harder than a stock Archer. The Rockaway Archer has an incredible variety of sounds due to the multitude of ways the EQ section can be used!

Band 1 – 100 Hz Far Left
Band 2 – 200 Hz
Band 3 – 400 Hz
Band 4 – 800 Hz
Band 5 – 1.6K
Band 6 – 3.2K Far Right

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