Gurus Doppoler

Gurus Doppoler

108.000 Ft


Technikai paraméterek

rotary speaker

Inspired by the old-yet-innovative rotary speaker systems, like the old  Maestro Revolver, Leslie, and mostly the “Doppolas rotary speaker” made  by Mr. Gilmour & Mr. Taylor, with the DOPPOLER, we wanted to make a  pedal that really reproduce the rotary effect in a physical way, just  missing the mechanical parts. in fact, the Doppoler is NOT a “rotary  simulator” but the brain of a system that in his best setting is made of  two cabinets, positioned at 180° from each other, to let the Doppoler  handle it reproducing what happened to signal when the speaker is  rotating. We paid a lot of attention, measurement, tests, to exactly  understand and reproduce what happens to the signal coming to our ears  with a rotary speaker. This meant to apply eq filters, phase changing,  volume changing, and calculate how reflections reacts and affect all of  this.. Indeed, the signal coming out from Front and Rear speaker are  quite different from each other, cause they are already made to do their  job in the correct position. Speed sets the speed of rotary effect, and  can also be set by the TAP tempo foot switch.
Level sets the level  of rotary effect and the ambient. The result, is an outstanding  tridimensional sounds that will force you to keep it always ON, even  with low speed and intensity without notice the rotary effect, just  adding ambient and 3D to your sound. A very transparent Tube preamp make  your sound great respecting your instrument, and you can easily add an  overdrive pedal in front of it like our Sexydrive mkII with his blend  option, to add beautiful drive to your Organ sound. What we keep in mind  designing the DOPPOLER is the ambient and 3D sound, people asked me to  do some kind of “leslie simulator” for years, and i’ve always replied  that i don’t want to make a simulator of an instrument where the  acoustic component of the sound was so important.

So we started  designing it from the acoustic point, wanting to keep it intact and the  base of our system, then we designed our circuit to reproduce what  happens between the cabinet and our ears. So far from a simple  tremolo/rotating simulator. You can easily use it in your pedalboard in  front of your amp, and easily add just an additional speaker behind your  main speaker.. maybe an active cabinet, a combo amp, or using one of  our Miniamp to drive a guitar Speaker.