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GFI System Rossie

GFI System Rossie

91.000 Ft

4-8 napon belül átvehető

Technikai paraméterek


Rossie is a dynamic multi-filter pedal, encompassing 3 essential tone-enriching filter effects: ​

Envelope Filter - a colorful resonant filter that follows your picking dynamics​

Step Filter - a groovy, arpeggiated filter with fully adjustable steps.​

Manual Filter - great for static tone shaping or sweepable wah-like effect using an expression pedal.

Each filter mode offers 4 filter types: lowpass, bandpass, highpass, and peaking. Sweep range and resonance width are also adjustable. And on top of all of these, a dedicated Mix knob allows blending of wet and dry signal, this gives you total control of how much filtering effects is imparted on your guitar or bass signal.

Input impedance    : 1 MOhm.
Output impedance : 1K Ohm.     
DAC / ADC resolution : 24 bits.
Current consumption : ~110 mA.
Weight : 0.6 Kg (1.6 lbs).
Dimension : 12 (L) x 7.2 (W) x 5.5 (H) cm
Power source : 9VDC (negative center) - not supplied.

3 select filter algorithms.
2 presets
4 knobs with button
Intuitive interface with LCD screen.
Mono input and output.
Expression pedal and tap-tempo input.
Momentary action supported.

GFI System Rossie

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