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      Death by Audio Reverbation Machine

      Death by Audio Reverbation Machine

      107.000 Ft

      Azonnal átvehető

      Technikai paraméterek


      The original synthetic atmosphere creator. The Reverberation Machine offers up drippy, saturated spring reverbs and cavernous expanses in one small package. Push the Altitude and hear the reverb blasted with gloom and distorted shimmer for the ultimate wall of sound. An instant classic for a reason, the Reverberation Machine's unique and experimental sounds are equally at home twisting your sound into a galactic nebula or adding a sinister and yearning beauty to anything you plug in.


      Vol: Controls the master output volume.

      Altitude Control:   This is similar to gain. Turn it up to bring in a more wide open, distorted sound.

      Verb: Blends in the amount of reverb.

      Dark/Light Symbol:   Dark cavernous reverberation to  bright shimmering reverberation.

      **When the Altitude and Verb controls are turned past 12 o'clock, the pedal can produce potentially harmful volumes, white noise, and other artifacts**


      Dimensions: 4.86" x 3.67" x 2.06" (including hardware).

      Weight: 14 oz.

      Power: 9V (runs ons a positive ring, negative tip 9V DC adapter or included 9V battery).

      Current Draw: 66 mA.

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