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CMAT Mods Ratified

CMAT Mods Ratified

49.000 Ft

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The Ratified has controls for Filter, Gain and Level it also has a 3 way toggle switch. This has a nice thick distortion with lots of sustain and drive. The Gain control works with the Filter control to give you more options with your tone. If you want it thick and dirty turn the Gain up and the Filter control to suit your tone, if you want to thin it out a little just back the
Gain control down. There are lots of different variations in this box. This pedal is based around the LM308n chip.
The Ratified runs on a 9v batery or an adapter it can run up to 18v, it is true bypass and I use only the best parts. The case is powder coated and the design is screen printed.

This is a great looking pedal that sounds better!

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